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The history of the hotels

It was as early as 1767 that a guest house was located where the Schlosshotel is located today. Again and again, German history was reflected at this location.

Elector Wilhelm II ordered the destruction of the building around 1826 so as to make room for a larger inn (with a large number of hotel rooms, a dining hall for 300 people and a stable).

In 1827, Elector Wilhelm II constructed a new hotel in the immediate vicinity of his Wilhelmshöhe castle.

From around 1850 until 1899, the building was managed by hotelier Carl Schombardt, before being leased out to Adolf Stecker who managed it under the name of “Grand Hôtel Wilhelmshöhe”

April 1930: Three east-facing terraces are opened for up to 1,200 visitors. They were redesigned by architect Heinrich Tessenow (1867-1950, one of the biggest architects of the 20th century) on behalf of lessee Adolf Stecker.

It was almost 100 years later, at Schlosshotel Bad Wilhelmshöhe, that Hindenburg organised the withdrawal and the dissolution of the German troops in the wake of the First World War.

After its destruction during the Second World War, the hotel was rebuilt according to plans by architect Paul Bode in 1955.

On 21 May 1970, talks between German Chancellor Willy Brandt and Prime Minister of East Germany, Willy Stoph, were held at the hotel. Renovation of the Schlosshotel: the hotel gets “a face lift” and is adapted to the “demands of the times”.

2008 Beginning of the refurbishment of the Schlosshotel: the goal of the architectural competition was to achieve an “ideal planning result” in “functional, creative and economic terms”.

March 2009 Result of the competition: Architect Ohlmeier wins the competition (150 rooms planned, including the use of an existing building, with the addition of a wellness area, a conference centre as well as an underground garage.

Work began in the spring of 2010 and the Schlosshotel underwent a “complete and comprehensive redesign and refurbishment" costing millions of euros.

2012 Beginning of a new construction zone - the new layout of the garden and the natural swimming pond forming the base for what would later become the wellness and spa area. 15 brand new superior deluxe rooms are built. At the same time, with full occupancy, 60 bathrooms are modified, old rooms are refurbished, around 200 window elements are fitted with soundproof and insulating windows. The entire energy infrastructure of the building is also replaced at this time.

also marked the beginning of the second construction stage: a whole new and luxurious wellness and spa oasis was created.

2013 marks the beginning of the third construction stage: the old restaurant area and the winter garden are torn down. Three new restaurants with a separate event area are built: these can be divided into different restaurant worlds covering almost 600 m², seating for up to 300 people, with high windows, large rooms and exclusive equipment. 10 new luxury rooms as well as an exclusive penthouse suite are built.

November 2013: The hotel is awarded the sought-after 4-star superior standard of the German hotel classification system.
Summer 2014 – Finalising the construction areas: Schlosshotel shines with a new look following comprehensive refurbishment. It now has 130 most beautifully furnished rooms, suites and an exclusive penthouse suite with panorama view from its private rooftop terrace. 14 conference rooms furnished in most modern style combined with the exquisite event location ReLaunch, as well as the hotel's own newly designed restaurant with its spacious summer terrace and the luxurious wellness and SPA oasis invite you to creativity, fine dining and relaxation.

On 18 August 2019 the 'new' Schlosshotel celebrates with a large family program the 10th birthday. As part of an open day, interested parties take a peek behind the scenes of the premium hotel and enjoy culinary delights.

When may we welcome you at our hotel at Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe – Europe’s largest mountain park and UNESCO World Heritage Site?