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Swimming in natural waters

The natural swimming pond at Schlosshotel Bad Wilhelmshöhe lets you swim in natural water with no added chloride. The pond is made up of the swimming area (4*12 m) and a plant filter zone. These two zones are separated from each other by a wall just under the surface of the water.

The plant filter is for purification. In addition to this, the water is slowly sucked across the filtering gravel by way of a Neptune filter prior to being fed back into the swimming area. A biological film is formed on top of the grain surface of the filtering material. This is where the nutrients in the water are stored as it passes by. The water is further purified in degradation processes.

Another effect caused by the filter is the stabilisation of pH values in the water. This is how we can guarantee excellent water quality in the long term.



The natural swimming pond at the Schlosshotel Bad Wilhelmshöhe