Beauty & SPA

Choose your favorites from our varied beauty and massage treatments and enjoy unique moments of relaxation. For example, simply switch off with a classic aromatic oil massage or test the Indian healing powers of Ayurveda. Combinations of massages with body scrubs or wraps are also available in many variations and offer the perfect care for your skin. We pay special attention to your face with diverse and coordinated offers. In all treatments, you will be pampered with top-class luxury products from Ligne St Barth and BABOR.



With expert knowledge from more than 60 years of experience, BABOR combines natural active ingredients, outstanding quality and active ingredient performance in their luxury skin care. In award-winning treatments, they are both an experience and an effective beauty treatment. A treatment with BABOR products reveals your individual beauty and creates space for a holistic well-being.


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Ligne St Barth stands for the combination of Indian natural medicine with modern technology. The cosmetic laboratory of Ligne St Barth is located in the heart of the Caribbean. There, the herbal ingredients are selected according to strict guidelines and processed into exclusive products that are suitable for all skin types. Let us pamper you with the exotic active ingredients of Ligne St. Barth and take you to the dreamy beaches of the Caribbean.


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